Planning, painting and writing

IMG_20160625_095725Happy Saturday!!

I’ve been pretty busy lately, and this time it’s not due to work. I have been working less and playing more. Well, kind of anyway. My “playing” has consisted of wedding planning the last few days which has been frustrating. However, with the help of my best friend, Stacey, we have been productive. We nailed down a venue for the ceremony and the reception, picked up my wedding dress, decided on the catering and picked out some flowers for my bouquet. Not too bad. I think I can stop focusing on the wedding for now.

I have also been painting and writing which I do enjoy. I attached a pic of a painting I finished last week. It is my first attempt at a beach scene. It didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to, but still not too shabby. 🙂 Below is a haiku I wrote for an amateur contest where I won 3rd place. It’s called Giving Up. I hope you like it. 

Slowly sinking down
reaching hands attempt to save
grasping weights, I drown.


Love to Dad

Dad, you mean the world to me. Without you I’d be lost. Fond memories you have given of  what a Dad should be. Always present, invested and caring. Support and love given unconditionally. To …

Source: Love to Dad

Love to Dad

Dad, you mean the world to me.
Without you I’d be lost.
Fond memories you have given
of  what a Dad should be.
Always present, invested and caring.
Support and love given unconditionally.

To follow your example means
to work hard every day,
live life with integrity
and act responsibly.

Tough love there was as a teen
balanced with rewards.
You took  the time to raise me right
with help from your loving wife.

Direct and brutally honest
sometimes painfully so.
Never do I doubt your stance
when it comes to what you believe.

Though rough and gruff as you may be you have a soft side too.
Special moments we have shared
ingrained in memory.

Respected like no other
your equal I have not found.
Grounded by your guidance
you’re an anchor in Life’s rough sea.

I love to see your face light up
when I walk in the room.
You’re glad to see me when I visit, that you cannot hide.
The love I feel for you in turn
no words can describe.

Thank you, Daddy, for being you
and loving me so well.
So proud I am to be your daughter,
your loving baby girl.

A Poem Unfinished

I started a poem a while back
about a change of state I was in.
Odd ways and strange thoughts.
“Something” just wasn’t quite right.
Darkness creeping slowly in,
shadows where once there was light.

To put into words I was trying
I just didn’t know how to begin.
Aside I put it to gather my thoughts.
Time passed and the poem forgot.

Across my mind it fluttered today
the poem I left unfinished.
The decision made to start anew
and release the words I have held.
But “something” was no longer there.
No way to grasp the feeling I felt.

Clarity now orders my thoughts
A different change is in process
No more are the long hours worked.
Over time I have made much progress.

I’ve learned to take time for me.
Expressing myself, I paint and I write.
So too love, has embraced my heart.
I am healed by the warmth of its light.

The shadows recede
For no hold can they keep
when happiness resides in my spirit.
For once I am glad
the words were not found.
That poem was not meant to be finished.

Down Comes the Rain

From dark skies fall a misty rain.
In the breeze do tall trees sway.
The air is charged with tension felt.
A brewing storm comes this way.

Misting no more, it now rains in earnest.
Wind picking up, the trees get a lashing.
Skies get darker, clouds moving in.
All around the raindrops are splashing.

Hard comes the rain no longer held back.
Crashing and booming, thunder does steadily.
Down beats the rain in a rhythmic tune.
Sounds merge to create its own little symphony.

The storm slowly passes.
The land is wiped clean.
The rain soaked earth dazzles
in vibrant shades of green.

Out comes the rainbow
the colors deep and true.
Through the clouds sun rays shine
the sky lightens back to blue.

Nature’s task now completed
the land refreshed once more
The renewal of Life’s circle
will begin as before.


Why do I try when it matters not?
Rules to be followed by no one but me.
It appears that others can do what they want.

Triple the work and double the stress.
Why work such long hours
when there’s no one to impress.

A pat on the back or thanks would be nice.
For your mess I cleaned up
not just once, but twice.

Wish I could be lazy and a slacker too.
But the problem with that is
I’d be just like you.

Guess I’ll continue doing what I do.
With commitment and integrity
I’ll set the example for you.