What if Love Grew on Trees?

I painted this picture the other night when I couldn’t sleep. I call it my ย “Whimsy Tree”. I was instantly inspired to write this poem. I hope you like them both.

What if Love Grew on Trees?

What if love grew on trees
oh how happy we would be.
To the tree we’d hurry forth
ready to embrace its warmth.

At its base we’d stare in awe.
Truly amazed at what we saw.
Nestled in among the leaves
glowing hearts for you and me.

On the branch we’d place our hand.
There is no need to reach.
Love flows freely down
to us it wants to greet.

Hearts entwine and merge as one
the transfer is complete.
Filled with love we take our leave.
Happiness found with gift received.

Be it man, woman or child
Mother, lover or friend
Love of every kind grows true.
All broken hearts it can mend.

Love awaits right outside your door.
Contentment to be had forevermore.
Everyone would be so pleased
if only love grew on trees.



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