Love to Dad

Dad, you mean the world to me.
Without you I’d be lost.
Fond memories you have given
of  what a Dad should be.
Always present, invested and caring.
Support and love given unconditionally.

To follow your example means
to work hard every day,
live life with integrity
and act responsibly.

Tough love there was as a teen
balanced with rewards.
You took  the time to raise me right
with help from your loving wife.

Direct and brutally honest
sometimes painfully so.
Never do I doubt your stance
when it comes to what you believe.

Though rough and gruff as you may be you have a soft side too.
Special moments we have shared
ingrained in memory.

Respected like no other
your equal I have not found.
Grounded by your guidance
you’re an anchor in Life’s rough sea.

I love to see your face light up
when I walk in the room.
You’re glad to see me when I visit, that you cannot hide.
The love I feel for you in turn
no words can describe.

Thank you, Daddy, for being you
and loving me so well.
So proud I am to be your daughter,
your loving baby girl.


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