Down Comes the Rain

From dark skies fall a misty rain.
In the breeze do tall trees sway.
The air is charged with tension felt.
A brewing storm comes this way.

Misting no more, it now rains in earnest.
Wind picking up, the trees get a lashing.
Skies get darker, clouds moving in.
All around the raindrops are splashing.

Hard comes the rain no longer held back.
Crashing and booming, thunder does steadily.
Down beats the rain in a rhythmic tune.
Sounds merge to create its own little symphony.

The storm slowly passes.
The land is wiped clean.
The rain soaked earth dazzles
in vibrant shades of green.

Out comes the rainbow
the colors deep and true.
Through the clouds sun rays shine
the sky lightens back to blue.

Nature’s task now completed
the land refreshed once more
The renewal of Life’s circle
will begin as before.


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