In my line of work I often lead workgroups and give presentations. I am confident in my job and usually have no problem speaking in front of others. But every once in a while the group is larger than usual or the presentation is being broadcast as a webinar. These make me nervous and I suffer a bit of anxiety. This is what my poem “Panic” is about.


Head spinning
heart racing
the room is much too warm.

Thoughts scattered
nerves shattered
emotionally I’m torn.

Can’t catch a breath.
I need some air.
I want to leave this room.

Oh my God.
No, not yet!
It’s happening way too soon.

They called my name.
I must go up.
It’s time to give my speech.

Here I go
I’m standing up
but feeling very weak.

All eyes on me
I must begin
I open my mouth to speak…


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