🎶 You gots to chill ðŸŽ¶

Good morning and Happy Friday!

Yesterday was a rough day for me. It started at 4:45 am when the power went off. It came back on within an hour which was good. However, I have a generator that is supposed to automatically come on the instant the power goes out but that didn’t happen. (Problem #1)

I signed on to my laptop to work a little before going into the office (am I the only that does this?) and couldn’t get one of my programs to come up. It is, of course, the main one I need. (Problem #2)

After messing around with the various systems and getting absolutely nowhere, I headed into the office about an hour later than I had planned. This isn’t usually an issue but once I got there I saw that I had missed a potluck breakfast for one of my employees that was retiring that day. Not exactly a problem, but I felt horrible about it. 😦

The rest of my day consisted of countless emails of which all needed some sort of action taken. My main goal was to complete monthly conferences with my staff and hold a staff meeting. This took me from 12:00 – 4:00 to complete everything but it was done. Yea!, right? No. I came back to a ton of emails from my boss, who is on leave, questioning if this or that was done or addressed. She even asked if I was working?!? I am ALWAYS working. I took 4 days off last pay period, used no leave for it and still worked over 14 hours. (Ongoing problem)

I got home at 8:00 where my daughter was babysitting a cute little baby who was all smiles and laughter. Until I stopped interacting with her. Then she cried and fussed. Long story short, I kept her with me until she was picked up at 11:00. So no down time for me. (Problem #4)

I tried blogging last night but kept falling asleep mid draft. I’m irritable this morning. I may come out of it, but I’m skeptical. Thank God it’s Friday on a long weekend. I won’t  be working either. The servers are coming down tonight and not coming up until Tuesday. Yea!

I just looked over at my Coke bottle and saw this message. It’s definitely meant for me.



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