Last Night

Angry words
spewing forth
caution gone
as buttons pushed.

Feels so good
getting it out
volume rising
into a shout.

Not holding back
out they go
long time coming
can’t stop the flow.

Doors slam
to corners retreat
frustration festers
anger takes the back seat.

A sleepless night
and a calming down
doubt has crept in
regretful feelings found.

Harsh were the words
spoken in haste
the ugliness now leaving
in my mouth a bad taste.

To apologize or not
is now what I ponder
the person with whom I argued
I could not be fonder.

The words were needed
those I won’t take back.
The wrong delivery chosen
I will admit to that.

The door opens
and there she stands
the time to choose
is now at hand.

I open my arms
and to me she runs
all is forgiven
last night is undone.


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