Lazy Sundays are the best!

I usually have so much to do that I rarely get the chance to just lay around and be lazy. Today is one of those days. My daughter went over to her boyfriend’s house and my fiancee went to work. Which leaves me home alone to putter around the house. No expectations, no To Do list. Well, not one I’m going to follow anyway. 😉  So far I’ve laid in bed with the laptop Googling stuff and organizing my poetry. I’ve enrolled in a free online art class at I’m going to learn to paint flowers. This is what I need to know for the landscapes I want to eventually paint. I’m hoping it works out well.

The drawing class I took yesterday was awesome! I learned how to  use the different types of drawing tools, how to shade and make things look like they’re far away. There’s a free class I plan to take that will focus on  shading and perspective. I think that will really help me. This is the picture I drew. It looks better farther away. Just saying…. IMG_20160522_180208


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