Happy Saturday!

 I have taken a much needed break from my job so I can relive some of my stress. I thought I would spend my time napping, writing or  catching up on my my tv shows. Instead I have spent the last two days painting. Now, my friends and family would take this to mean that I am painting the rooms in my house. This is not so. I am trying my luck at painting pictures. Crazy, I know. I blame Paulo, my fiancee. Watching him paint and looking at his lovely pictures makes me think “I can do that.” I find it very soothing as I listen to my music and sip a cocktail.

I am a fan of Thomas Kincade and fancied myself capable of creating a vibrant landscape. Why I would think that is beyond me. I have no skill in drawing and have never painted. Let’s just say  the results have been mixed. I found that I can make trees; beautiful trees. Shrubs, paths and flowers… not so much. Paulo signed us up for an art class on how to draw landscapes. I am very excited about this. I want to be able to add other items to my tree paintings. LOL The class is this afternoon and I can not wait. Wish me luck!


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