The Poets Three

I work a demanding job
I think I’ve told you this.
The long hours consume my time.
My life I have missed.

To express myself through poetry
has been a great release.
Writing deep into the night
gives me a sense of peace.

To create I must sacrifice
that thing I need the most.
Sweet, sweet blissful sleep
it’s you I want to host.

Yet, still I wouldn’t have it
any other way.
The writers’ community I have joined
entices me to stay.

The warm welcome I was given
with encouraging words expressed.
I feel at home while writing my poetry
and am feeling much less stressed.

Inspiration I find everywhere
be it rain, love, pain or flower.
To create and share my poetry
has me feeling empowered.

To DaveK, LillyZ and MadMonkey74,
to me you are The Poets Three.
My thanks and appreciation are yours.
Your encouraging words are the ones that first welcomed me.


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