Push & Pull

I need sleep but it eludes me.
I lay in bed, face pushed into the pillow
covers pulled up over my head.
I close my eyes and try to make it all go away.
That doesn’t happen, it never happens.

Oh, sleep may come,
but it doesn’t stay long.
The racing of my mind keeps it at bay.
Thoughts and ideas jostling for attention.
It doesn’t shut off, never shuts off.

My job has taken over my life.
I want to stop working such long hours.
I want others to stop pulling me this way and that
stop pushing me to do more, always more.

I can’t do any more.
I have nothing left to give.
Yet, somehow, give I do.
The pushing and pulling continues
because there is work, always work.

The burden of obligation overwhelms
and is never ending.
I am consumed by exhaustion
mentally drained by stress.
My body aches with pain.
Emotionally I am numb.


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