On today’s journey I have seen
many good and bad things.
Fields of green in vibrant hues. Spring flowers blooming purple and blue.
A forest of trees reaching up to the sky.
The deep blue of the River flowing by.
Seeing the beauty around me thrive
with a smile on my face I continue to drive.

Along the way I see a bottle or two
laying on the grass next to some shoes.
The further I go the more litter I see.
A trail of trash leads up to the trees.
The forest has thinned and now I see
a beat up couch among the debris.
Ramshackle houses rotting with decay.
Doors falling off, torn screens in windows a sway.
A homeless man walking, every possession he owns
piled high in a shopping cart, how long will he roam?

On I continue and I’m sorry to say
that dead, twisted bodies on the road were displayed
Cars speeding without a thought
for the raccoon or armadillo trying to cross
Perhaps to it’s family waiting on the other side
witnessing death, they run away to hide.

Reality sets in, no longer do I smile
Funny how it changed within a few short miles.
I pass once again the fields of green
and spring flowers blooming still can be seen.
No longer vibrant, just there and that’s all
the taint of reality casting a grayish pall.


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