At Day’s End

The day is long with no end in sight
the list of To Do’s I write and rewrite
priorities changing with each opened email
tasks started, never finished, my spirit starts to fail
the work of 3 people I’m given to do
expectations grow higher ’cause I “do such a great job”
no support, no reward, no time magically stretched
overwhelmed, underpaid, I slave and I slave.

Tears start to surface and threaten to flow
despair reaches out, trying to grab hold
darkness is coming, creeping up from behind
blankly I stare, then notice a light blink
my Beloved has written, and I start to think
how lucky I am to have such a man
he’s on his way home, to me he does fly.

The darkness ebates, no match for our light
our hearts full of love, shine ever so bright.
Focus regained, I attack with a vengeance
the tasks of To Do get done with no hindrance.
The warmth of his presence instantly calming
support freely given renews my spirit
the reward of his love was just what I needed.

Paulo, my love, with you I excel
together forever our souls tells the tale
no mountain too high, no obstacle too big
together we accomplish what life throws our way
Loving so completely, forever with you I will stay.


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