At 6 I awoke,
dreading what next must come
for our time and it’s course had been run.

To the door I walked
a feeling of heaviness upon me
longing to turn back, knowing it’s not meant to be.

Sitting at my desk,
thoughts of you stray through my mind
to be with you again, the time I must find.

I glimpsed you once
a brief moment shared, the longing made deeper
with you I must, once again, be paired.

Finally, the time has come
my day’s desire, by night will be fulfilled
I return to you without hesitation, such power you do wield.

I lay down upon you
into your softness my body does sink
feeling content I let my mind wander, I see no need to think

Reunited at last
oh how I have missed you, the night is ours once again
the sleep I shall find will be blissful, at least until 6 am.


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